Cryptocurrency – The recent developments in Bitcoin Cash has been making good steps for green when it comes to developing development tools for developers. It is making a Software Development Kit (SDK), so the developers can easily build projects on top of Bitcoin Cash.

The SDK is called Bitbox. Bitbox makes it easy to do Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Since it is all in JavaScript, it is easy to learn and to write in for a new developer.

The first ICO were done on Bitcoin. Then Bitcoin doesn’t want to have any logic in the blockchain when it comes to, for example, storing any information, except the transactional information. So, Bitcoin removed some of this functionality that makes it possible for developers to build stuff on top of Bitcoin. For Bitcoin, blockchain should be only for transactions and it should not put anything else in the blockchain.

Then, there is Bitcoin Cash that brings back this functionality. Bitcoin Cash lets developers build stuff on top of Bitcoin. It can store all kinds of extra data information on the blockchain that makes it possible for developers to build things, such as social networks.

But of course, nothing is free in this world. There is a trade-off in terms of blocks in size. The more stuff you put on the blockchain there is no transaction, the bigger the blockchain becomes. It’s all about the scalability thinking going forward how should the blockchain be used.

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With Bitbox, it seems that Bitcoin Cash wants to bring some of the ICOs over to its platform.

A lot of the price developments in Ethereum were due to ICOs. Many people held Ethereum in order to enter more ICOs. You need Ethereum to quickly be able to enter into new projects and get good positions in new projects. If you can get all of the ICOs on your platform, the demand for the native coin of the platform might be increased.

So, this could be one of the reasons why Bitcoin Cash wants to have an easy SDK.

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